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    There are an enormous number of staff that all work tirelessly here at Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page. In recognition of this fact, we have created these pages to pay tribute to all those that have contributed in some way to the site as it is today.


    It is often said that you should find a reviewer whose views you agree with, and stick to them. Here at Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page, we try and maintain a consistency amongst our reviewers, but individual biases are bound to come to the fore - not everyone likes or dislikes the same things. Accordingly, we present here for your viewing entertainment profiles of all of the reviewers here on Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page. We hope that you will enjoy reading about our likes and dislikes and that this will give you a greater insight into us as people instead of as just words on a page, as well as giving you the opportunity to see the ever so slightly retouched faces behind our names.

Michael D Ian M Paul C Dean M
Paul W Rod W Andrew S John R
Murray G Christine T Tony R Anthony K
Darren W Carl B Gavin W Nick J
Shane L Terry M Peter M Jeff M
John L Stephen W Peter C Nemir
Brandon Sean A Sean B Cameron R
Hugh F Daniel P Michael C Mitchell H
Edward M Greg M Adam P Khai L
David L Daniel O Garry M Geoff G
SatzR George S Crosley C Tony D
Mirella Philip S Ben H Scott M
DanielB Aiden O Tennant R Joshua H
AndrewP RobG Steve C IanB
Glen R Nick G Anthony Clarke Aaron D
Micky G Paul S Alex Paige OsakaBen
Mick C KC & Woody Robert W Adam A
Vanessa A Trevor D AdamG Ryan A
GarryA John S Jason G Ray N
Mike B CallumK    


    Our updaters work tirelessly, often behind-the-scenes, taking care of release schedules, external review links, press releases, and a myriad of other fine details that keep the site's database up-to-date and ticking over.

Jamie S Ozconnor Doctor Greg D
Debbie O Alex W Ursula C  


    Most important of all are our users - you. Without you, the site would not exist. If you have a User Account, we offer you the ability to post your biography and Top 10 DVDs for all and sundry to see.

36 Crazyfarts a j A.N.U aapac
Adam Barratt Adam D Adam V AdamG
Adrienne W'S aeon Aiken Drum AJBethell
Al Al C Alex H Alfred S
Andrew Andrew500 Andy C AndyM
Ant Anton C Antony C April Devries
aspie182 aussiemac Bails bananamanfan
Bardfin Barrythemod Bear Beau I
Beau K Bellsy Ben Gourlay Ben H
Ben K Berko Big Al Big Guns
Big Pussy Binnsy Bloodnut bobafett_h
Bolo bosko BQer Brad
Brad VB Bran Brendan Brent B
Brent Biasin Brent R Brett C Brian77
BruceM Bung BuuBox Byron Kolln
Cactus Mac Cammy capone Capt Argo
Cardiff Giant Carrion Steed Cassidy CatonaPC©
Cezary_p Chad. R. Chopper WeeD Chris
chris Chris A Chris Eason Chris H
Chris W Chris Young chrisg Chrisius
Christian ChunkyLover83 Cidsa Circusfreak
cm1970 commander krill cool_Rickz cooper
Corey Craggles Craig Bentick Craig S
D D D.J.P. Dale W
Damien Damien H damndirtyape182 damnfine
Damo Dane S DaneApril Daniel
Daniel B Dark Lord DarkEye DarkLord
Darren R DarrenP Darth Colejoy Darth Colejoy
daryl D's Dave B Dave D David
Dazzler De Niro Devvy dlormans
DMM Don Corleone Dr Crocodile DragonLass
Drummond G DrUnKeN_master dvdnut Dylan S
easyrider Eddy T El Deevo El Topo
Ellen L Emmanuel Isaac Ercan B Evil Ash
Fitzy Fiwip Frank Fred
G. Sumner gaga garumph Gatherer
Gavin Bollard Gazza Geoff georgiarose
germs Gizmo35 Glenn G-man
Gold Coast Guy grandma45 gRANT Greg
Greg A. Grey Shadow Grey Shadow Gris
grug Grunter gsl Guvner
hamish b Harps harro5 Hawk37
hawthorn40 h'biki HelifaxNZ HunterSeeker
Hyundai Boy Ian Ian Idiot E. Que
imacop Infernal Master Insomniac Interceptor
IsisV33 Iziekiel J Ottery
Jacquie James James A James W
Jamie jamo Jarad Jason
Jay C Jedi JediDude Jesus
JJ JJB Jock Joel
joetrim John John D John D
John S johndeh Johnny Wadd Jollyrancher
JP Jungleboy JustB Kaiser Soze
Kakio Keen ken kenty
KerreK Kez Kieran K Kirily
kiwiflyer KJ konishius kristy
ktpm1 Larry Pash latifah Le Messor
Leanne LeeBee lemony les Lester Bangs
lordg Loxmyf Luke C Mabster
Macross maf manjulika Marcus
Mark B Mark S Mark X Martin Kick
MaskMan Matt F Matt H Matt M
Matthew D MattO matty Mayhem666
Meesham Mess Michael michael angeles
Michael Chin Michael H Michael Q Michael_D_2
MickJT Mike Mike F Mike Head
Mikepoo Mikeshoper Miklos MitchA
Mizar Moff Martin moodyl MoonShadow
Morry Movie_Marcus MOVIESPAST Mr Destro
Mr Gimlet Mr Pink Mr. Whippy munster
Mustang Natalie Natasha Coady Nathan
Nathan K Neil Neil Neil T
NewcastleBoy Nick Nick H Nicko
nikkiperr@aol.c Nuker One oobs
orangecat OzRipT Padawan Learner PaganBoy
Paul Paul Lee Paul R Paul@StreamAV
paulisdead Pendergast penguin Peter Morris
PeterF Phil Z. PJ van Es PlaneGuy
Prestigious Psychic 17 qtiepie Queen Esther
radekidz Ranglin Raven Ray C
Raymond C. redbears Rei Rhodes_96
Richard richie007au Rob rob_da_bank
Rodda Roger RonB Ross Bates
Ross F Ryan Grove Sam O sbr
Scratch Sentry Shane C Shaun
Shaun Sim Simon A. Simon O'Connor
Simon W Sir Fridge SmithMK Sonic-AFX
Sorrow sph Steve Steve Horan
Steve Martin Steve R Steven Steven Cameron
Stimpy Stryda Ted F Ternian
Terry Terry Terry Terry B
TGR tiggers Tim Alexander Timster
Tom Tom Czarnota Tom G Tom N
Tony Randall Travers trent Treville
Trevor D. trib Trigger Mike trugstomp
Tsargrad Tycho_Monalith UL Vegemite
Venzann Vieira4 Warwick Lobb Whodnee2005
William L Willyam Wilson Bros, UK Writer
zey zincberg Zinzan Zippy
Zod zorro