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Region 4 DVD Censorship List

Censuring The Censors

Rod W coordinates and maintains these entries. He also maintains The Chopping List, a comprehensive guide to movies which have been censored in Australia.

Lust for a Vampire

    This film was released with significant cuts in the US as To Love A Vampire.  The running time of the present disc suggests that we have the original uncut UK release.  However, there are some inconsistencies with two reference books I have consulted.  House of Horror, published in 1973, describes a scene where Mircalla bites the breast of a character named Susan, which does not appear in this version.  There is also a still photograph of a sleeping Susan with bite marks on her breast, but I am almost certain that this photograph is of the same actress from The Vampire Lovers, so the author has confused the two films. A later book, Hammer, House of Horror by Howard Maxford, refers to the famous publicity shot of Yutte Stensgaard sitting up in a torn shroud covered in blood, and says it does not appear in the film.  However, this scene does appear in the film, shot from behind early in the film, with the front-on version appearing in a flashback midway through the film.